Movable Dance Poles

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This pole is a hybrid between a permanent and a removable pole. It uses the same floor and ceiling brackets of a permanent pole but the pole itself can be repositioned to either of the two brackets, depending on your feel.
The removable pole can be attached to the permanently placed brackets that’s why this is called a semi-permanent pole.

These poles are secured by an insert thats permanently bolted to the ceiling and the pole can be removed and stored with the pole insert still in place. These are great if you have limited space or if you think you might have to take it down from time to time and is commonly seen in multifacet dance studios.

Since the insert is bolted to the ceiling, it’s a great compromise between safety and convenience. Small studios that offer different classes might want to use these poles since they’re fairly easy to take down yet still offer students and teachers a safe solution.

Advantages: You can install several brackets so you can easily move the pole around wherever you want it. It’s easy to set up and effortless to remove. The brackets also give more stability compared to removable poles.
Disadvantages: Brackets are permanently bolted into the ceiling and into the floor which will definitely leave marks once removed. There’s also a limit on how high the pole can reach.

Movable Dance Pole -  available in Stainless or Mirror Brass