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  • Custom Metal Fabrication

    Special Requirements Don't Have to be Hard

    When you have a special railing or crowd control requirement, we'll help you find the best solutions. We offer a wide selection of railing materials and components and we have 35 years of experience with metal fabrication on different applications or configurations. 

    Custom And Off-the-Shelf, or...
    In most cases, the most economic approach is to combine our off-the-shelf components with customized items to satisfy a particular arrangement. In effect, we provide kits of pre-cut, ready-to-install, material. We ship them knocked-down so that you or tradespeople can easily reassemble and install. We can do this for specialized footrails, handrails, divider rails, handicap rails and all Hospitality products. All fasteners and specialized hardware come with each order.

    Totally Custom.
    But in those cases where you require a completely customized solution, we can provide you to-specification materials in much the same manner. We provide the carefully manufactured components in a pre-cut, pre-formed, ready-to-install package. Whatever the requirement we can provide a completely custom solution. Call or Contact to discuss your requirements.