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    Gallery Metalworks has over 35 years of experience in providing quality, finished metalwork accessories and components. We specialize in Architectural Metal Fabrication. We are the finish metal specialists and fine carpentry for miscellaneous metals. Our scope includes handrail, footrail, exercise bars, base boards, and corner guards

    Custom Metal Fabrication: The Company manufactures a wide selection of railings, fittings and custom commercial finished metalwork in stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, mild steel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Various polishes, finishes, textures, and colors are available. Whatever the requirement we can provide a completely custom solution. Please contact us with specialty designs or question.

    While the company sells its product direct to contractors and consumers, it also works directly with Architects and Interior Designers to specify Gallery Metalwork’s on their projects to assure and attain high quality and proven results for their clients.

    Handrails: The use of hand railing in and around the home is often a necessary safety element. Railings can act as support objects, barriers and can provide privacy. Although hand rails are a safety essential, railings must also be visually striking and attractive. Check out our residential handrailings

    Metal Stair Railing, steel handrail

    Gallery Metalworks puts forward a broad array of railing options including materials, finishes, textures, coating, sizes, fittings and mounting choice. We intend to find the most suitable railing for your residential application. Additionally, we offer entirely custom railing systems to even the most unique requests.

    Footrails: The use of foot rail in Kitchen Island adds comfort and rest. We can bend our foot rails to accommodate your specific project. If you don’t find your length, finish or style, please contact us..we can make your ideas a reality.

    Kitchen footrail

    We offer a variety of finishes including, Powder Coating (ie Matte Black, Oil rubbed Bronze), Plating (ie Antique Bronze Plating) as well a Brushed Stainless and Mirror Finish Brass. Contact us to discuss your preferred finish. Email us with your design and we can quote you on a foot rail that meets your specific needs. 

    Dance poles: Perfect for installing as a sliding pole in your kid’s bedroom. This installation will withstand the rigor of its usage for years to come. Take your fitness regime to the next level or use it just for fun. Our dancing pole assembly kits include all the components you need for an absolutely sturdy and reliable installation. And using this is highly satisfying – a totally smooth polished finish that provides the optimum grip.

    Sliding pole kids

    Hoodvents & Counter Tops: Gallery Metalworks can fabricate custom hood vents for your kitchen.  We can trim vents in a variety of metal options and finishes. We can fabricate our own vents out of stainless steel.

    Kitchen Hoodvents

    We can make Brass or Metal Counter Tops…or Millwork companies typically drop off the wood templates and we will wrap accordingly.

    Glass Panels for Stairs: We offer glass Guard Rail and glass handrail for your staircase. Typically this is offered in either tempered or laminated glass, 10 - 12mm. We can offer:

    •    Holes for Brackets, Fittings & Stand Offs.
    •    Dubbed Corners, Polished Edges, Clear or Opaque Glass.

    Guard Rail

    Guard Rail, Glass Panels

    Brass stair rail

    Baseboards: Baseboard is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It covers the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall; protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture; and can serve as a decorative molding.

    We offer Bending, Shearing & Rolling Services.


    Corner Guards: Protect your facility from impact damage with our corner guards. Gallery Metalworks offers a wide variety of corner guards as per your custom specification. Call or Contact us with your special requirements and questions.

    Wall protect,Corner Guard, Wall guard

    Metal Shelving Units: We provide completely customized solution with various custom made shelving units in brass, stainless steel and in other finishes with glass. We provide the carefully manufactured components in a  ready-to-install package. Whatever the requirement we can provide a completely custom solution. 

     Kitchen brass metal shelving

     For other product category and requirements, please check our homepage.

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