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  • Installation Guide for Movable Dance Pole

    Installation Guide for Movable Dance Pole

    What's Included

    Floor & Ceiling FlangeTube & Inner pipe

    • Tube & Inner Liner
    • Floor Flange (shown on right) 
    • Ceiling Flange (shown on left)
    • Locking Stem

    Finding the Right Location

    Location Joist

    Locate ceiling joist. Mark the centre of your ceiling joist. Centre your ceiling flange on the ceiling joist. Mark this location. You will need a clear area that is free of obstruction to setup your dance pole. You will also need a clear area to exercise when installed. Test your area by extending your arms all the way around to ensure that your body will not interfere with any furniture or fixture.

    Tools Required for Movable Dance Poles


    Step 1

    • Locate & Mark your Ceiling Joist & Floor
    • Drop a weighted line from the ceiling joist to the floor. Mark your floor

    Step 2

    • Assemble your Dance Pole
    • Loosen the nut & pole receiver to allow clearance from ceiling
    • Loosen approx. 1/2" – 1” to allow adequate space
    • Slip pole over the floor flange receiver & position top & bottom where marked

    Ceiling Flange

    Step 3

    • Raise your Dance Pole to the Ceiling.
    • Position the centre of your ceiling flange to the Joist Markings (floor & ceiling - step 1)
    • Once aligned tighten your ceiling flange until the Dance Pole is held in place
    • securely. Tighten the pole to the ceiling by moving the threaded receiver into place.
    • Use a Ladder & a spotter to ensure safety. Don’t over tighten yet.

    Step 4

    • Once taught, use a level to ensure that your Dance Pole has been set at a 90 degree angle (from the floor & ceiling).
    • Adjust your pole so that your vertical placement is showing level (middle of the bubble on your level)

    Step 5

           Tighten the compression until sufficiently compressed (use wrench or channel locks)

    Test your Installation

    If you feel that the pole is too loose then add more compression to the ceiling flange until sufficiently held in place. You may need to tighten again after using.

    Ceiling Flange