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  • Hospitality

    Gallery Metalworks boasts over 30 years of quality metal craftsmanship.  We work with Designers & Restaurant owners to fabricate the metal details of a restaurant, hotel, event space, etc..

    This includes:

    Footrails, Handrails, Back Bar Shelving, Corner Guards, Baseboards, Service Separation Rails, Booth Dividers, Sneeze Guards, Stanchions, Wine Cabinets, Wine Racks, Shelving Units. 

    We work with a variety of metal shapes & finishes.  From round to square tubes or wire mesh to perforated sheets our expertise can handle just about anything.  We are finish experts in Plating, Powder Coating, Brushing & Polishing.   

    Handrails & Foot Rails

    Railings are an important element of any quality bar environment. Foot rails provide support for patrons and service rails provide service separation spaces for your waitstaff. Together these railings complement and accent the interior design and motif of the bar environment.  If you have a special bar or railing problem or have questions regarding our selection of railing materials, brackets or their installation, please don't hesitate to contact us.