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  • Stanchion Topper Plexi Shield System

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    Easy Queue’s Stanchion Topper Plexi Shield is the perfect way to provide protective separation while customers are in the queue.  The easy to install stanchion topper securely sits on top of our Easy Queue Stanchions and when installed will provide a protective breathe barrier.    


    • 2 EQ Stanchions, with 2” Black Belt
    • 1 Clear Plexi 6mm Acrylic  
    • 2 Custom EQ Brackets that hold the Plexi in place ( Center Brackets & End Brackets available)

    Note ** Our System can be priced without stanchions for customers who already support our system

    6mm Standard Clear Acrylic Size
    • Length:  4 feet Length (other sizes custom)
    • Plexi Height: 32” Plexi
    • Finished Height: 6’ of finished height

    Contact us today to discuss your requirements & quote.

      Install - Check out our installation guide for me info

      • Each Bracket works with our Easy Queue Stanchions.  
      • Simply Position two EQ Stanchions 4 feet apart.  Slide your Stanchion Topper Plexi System over top of the stanchion grooves. Tighten set screws.
      •  Stanchions are required per shield wall.  Use our Centre Post Bracket System for Continuous Interconnected Wall.  Position our end brackets in the starting and ending position as required.
      •  Other configurations are available on a custom basis