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    Floor Bumper

         HIPS or High Impact Protection System includes a 10-gauge stainless steel Boston Bollard, rail, and patented 90º Corner Adapter for a continuous rail installation requiring no end caps. The addition of the 90º Corner Adapter triples the impact resistance of standard floor mounted impact protection.

      • 6’ rail with 2 stanchions
      • 8” rail with 3 stanchions
      • 10” Rail with 3 stanchions
      • 12” rail with 3 stanchions
    • Sustainable, stainless steel finish is easy to clean, durable and corrosion resistant.
    • The receptacles anchor technology installs easily and eliminates the need for toxic adhesives or cement.
    • Solid steel end or continuous rail options.
    • Threaded-bolt Bollard application allows for quick installation and/or replacement.
    • The complete system is removable and relocatable.
    • Individual component parts are available.
    • Comes in standard lengths and assemblies, as well as custom lengths.

    For custom length and Price, please call or contact for quote.