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    Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Corner Guards

          Boston manufactures this complete line of 10-gauge, brush-finished stainless steel corner guards that can withstand impact up to 4,000 lbs! For your highest-traffic areas, they’ll protect your corners from the daily assault of shopping carts, electric floor scrubbers, even pallet jacks.

    •  Manufactured of 10-gauge, heavy-duty stainless steel for durable, rust-free service.
    • All styles withstand impact up to 4,000 pounds (rating based on impact at 3” above floor level).
    • Installs easily with basic tools.

    Available as

    1. Permanent  
    2. Removable

    Stainless Steel Benefits

    • Contains a minimum of 60% recycled content.
    • A 100% recycable, sustainable material.
    • Contributes towards LEED points; Materials & Resources: credit 4.1 and 4.2, recycled content.
    • Easy to clean, durable and corrosion resistant attributes minimize replacement and maintenance costs.

    For custom height and price, please Call or Contact for quote.

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