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    You will often find fixed mounted poles in studios and strip clubs because these are great in terms of safety as they are attached to both the floor and the ceiling.

    They won’t budge making making this type more stable and capable of handling more load.

    Stationary poles generally reach up to 12ft.

    The bolted double mounts supports pose a less risk of injury when using a removable pole or friction mount dance pole.

    Advantages: They are very stable and can support heavier loads. they are generally more suitable for areas with really high ceilings.
    Disadvantages: Since it’s bolted both into the floor and the ceiling, it will leave permanent markings on both areas when you decide to remove the pole.

    Fixed Dance Pole - Exercise pole available in Stainless Steel, Mirror Brass and Chrome finish.

    Please Call or Contact for price on Chrome Finish & quote.