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Wall Bumper

     All ecoSeries products retain the same high quality and high performance characteristics to protect walls and fixtures as the original Boston Bumper. 75% larger anti-compression strip minimizes compression caused by impact or extreme temperature changes. The bumper installs to the base channel by hand: no tools required and the connection is confirmed by a simple ‘click’ sound from the strong, clasp-lock closure system.

Top: 1” ecoSuperFlex SFC1000-XXX Vinyl Top 72’ coils

Base: 1” 100% Recycled Rigid BRSF1000R Vinyl Base 12’sections

End Cap: 1” PolyBostylene® PBERSF1000-XXX Round End Cap 144 pieces per box

Corner Cap: 1” PolyBostylene® PBCNSF1000-XXX 90o End Cap

  • Compatible with all ecoRigid and traditional Boston Bumper parts.
  • Continuous rolls of bumper cover eliminate scrap and reduce storage space requirements.
  • UL-94 V-0 Fire Rating.
  • Simple installation with pre-slotted base channel.
  • Highest impact resistance.
  • Vast Color options.

For Custom colours and Price, please call or contact for quote.