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  • Dual Retractable Belt

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    • Dual Retractable Belts are Permanently Mounted on ¼ “ aluminum Plate
    • Plate Dimensions (6” wide X 24” length) – powder coat matte black
    • Easy Queue Can Mount either our 12’ or our 25 foot retractable belt
    • Customer will receive the dual retractable belt as a completed unit (as shown above)
    • Custom Belts with logos or different messaging is available

    Dual Retractable: Fixed to Glass

    EQ will mechanically fasten our retractable belts to a matte black aluminium plate thereby creating one unit. Install would then silicone the completed unit to the glass.

    All Belt Termination Clips to be fixed to window mullion with proper adhesive or silicone.


    Belts come in many colours and can be printed with logos. 
    Please call or contact for quote.