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  • Removable Glass Clips on Stainless Steel Base

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    Glass Clip & Brushed Stainless Steel Plate Removable Plexi System

    This removable sneeze guard is connected to your counter top with commercial grade double sided tape. For added strength individual panels of glass are connected with stainless steel glass connectors.

     Our custom glass clip can accommodate glass or acrylic up to 6mm (1/4”) thick.  These custom stainless steel plates are 2”W x 6” L x ½” thick. This is system is perfect for counters that are L shape or U shape. 

    Accurate measurements are needed to ensure the system fits as designed. 

    Our plexi system can have the necessary cut outs for your business to operate.

    • Clip Board Cut Out Typically 12” wide by 3” high
    • POS Cut Out which is typically 5” wide by 5” high

    Acrylic or Glass to include polished edges & rounded corners. 

    Contact us today to discuss on your requirements & quote. 

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