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Wall Mounted ecoRigid Poly Bostylene Corner Guards - Boston Group

Wall corners take a beating every day from shopping carts, foot traffic and cleaning equipment. That’s why ecoguards are made tough enough to stand up to high-traffic areas. They’re easy to clean and maintain. Choose from our ecoRigid PolyBostylene® 90o Corner or Rigid Flexible with flexible hinge Corner Guard 

  • 100% PVC-free ecoRigid corners guards contribute to healthy environments since they are free of chlorine and bromine hazardous chemicals. Applies easily to existing walls or cases with adhesive; updating is easy and inexpensive, too.
  • Protects costly fixtures from added wear and tear while enhancing the appearance of your environment.
  • Length varies from 12” to 72”
  • Available in many different sizes, finishes and color options.

For custom length, colour and price, please Call or Contact for quote.