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  • EcoRigid® plus+ 2000 BOSTON GROUP

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    Wall Bumper 

         Choose the most-economical and eco-logical bumper profiles on the market. Boston’s ecoRigid Plus+ has the same great benefits as our PVC- free line of ecoRigid PolyBostylene bumpers, plus+ it is manufactured using a 95% post-consumer recycled material. Available in black only

    Top: 2” ecoRigid PCTR2000-012 (black only) plus+Top 12’ sections

    Base: 2” ecoRigid PCBR2000 plus+Base 12’ sections

    End Cap: 2” ecoRigid® plus+PCER2000-012 (black only) Round End Cap 144 pieces per box

    Corner Cap: 2” ecoRigid® plus+ PCCN2000-012(black only) 90° Corner Cap 144 pieces per box

    • RoHS Complaint and free of hazardous chemicals such as chlorine and Bromine.
    • UL-94 HB Fire Rating.
    • UL Environment validated post-consumer recycle content claim.
    • Contributed towards LEED points; Materials & Resources: credit 4.1 and 4.2, recycled content.
    • Simple installation with a pre-slotted base.

    Black only option. For Price, please call or contact for quote.