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    Vinyl Baseboards - ECOBASE

    Whether you’re remodelling or building a new store, office, airport or hospital, the Boston base board offers a variety of cost-effective base molding options that will protect and enhance your walls. It offers ideal impact protection from the damage caused by shopping trolleys, foot traffic and cleaning equipment.

    • Material options include heavy-duty ecoRigid PolyBostylene, and virgin flexible or rigid vinyl.
    • Applies easily to existing walls or cases with adhesive, silicone or double-sided tape; updating is easy and inexpensive too
    • Flexible flat base ships in 100’ rolls saving storage space requirements.
    • RoHS Complaint
    • Free of Chlorine and Bromine hazardous chemicals.
    • UL-94HB Fire Rating

    For Custom colours and Price, please call or contact for quote