How to measure handrail?

How to measure handrail?

Handrails are designed to provide stability & support while also acting as a guard to prevent fall or injury. Not only are Handrails useful safety requirements but they are a wonderful decorative design feature of a home, business, or building. 

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Handrails can be mounted to a wall or fixed to ground or to the staircase structure.  Every installation is unique and customers are encouraged to review their local building codes for additional information.

How to measure handrail?

Measurements needed for Handrail:

Measuring the stairs

Here are the Measurements you will need to quote your staircase.  Always submit a photo of the existing staircase so that your contractor has a basis from which  to understand your measurements.

  1. Count the Number of Steps

            Count the number of steps in your staircase

  2. Nose to Nose Length

           Measure the nosing distance from the top step to the bottom, as shown above

  3. Angle

           With an angle finder determine the angle from which the staircase and ground meet. Most common angle is about 37 degrees

  4. Rise

           Rise” refers to the vertical distance from the top of one tread to the top of the next tread

  5. Run

           The horizontal or flat part of the stair is called the run

 Click here to download the PDF for sending the measurements. Email us the pdf  

Metal Finish Powder Coated & Plating Options:

Gallery Metalworks offers a variety of substrate materials and finishes.  Examples include, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Powder Coated Finishes as well as Plating Finishes. Click here for some examples

Metal Finishes

Handrail Styles

The style of handrail is another important consideration. Examples include Round Tube, Square Tube, Flat Bar, Rectangular Tube, Decorate Rails, etc. . 

End Caps:  You will also need to know how your handrail will terminate.  For Example, handrails terminate, to the wall, with a decorate flat or domed end or other, or they can also bend and terminate at the ground. 

End Caps

Brackets: There are a variety of handrail brackets you can choose from.  These include off the shelf brackets or custom welded brackets.

Handrail Brackets 

Are you Ready to Quote
  1. Did you take a photo of the existing staircase and or opening area
  2. Do you have drawings you can send your contractor
  3. Have you determined the style of handrail, bracket, end cap and Finish
  4. Have you provided all the necessary measurements (see above)

If you have answered yes to the above questions than you are ready to submit a quote request with your contractor.  Your contractor will have questions but rest assure you have provided a strong base for which your contract can begin estimating the cost of your handrail. 

 Gallery Metalworks offers a variety of handrails and guardrails.  Please keep us in mind for your next project.