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  • How to install cart corrals?

    How to install cart corrals?

    What's included

    2” Dia. Cart Corral

    Refer to your drawings. Each Cart Corral will have the components required

    You will need as required:

    Tools required for cart corral

    Please review the configuration provided (shop drawings)

    End Post DrawingCenter Post Drawing


    Finding the Right Location

    1. Locate the location of your cart corral and mark it
    2. Pre-assemble your cart corral by putting together the posts and horizontal crossers.
    3. Once assembled, position your cart corral in the correct location. Refer to architectural drawings.
    4. After positioning correctly, placemark your holes for coring.

    Steps for installing the cart corral:

    Step 1

    Refer to your shop drawings & architectural drawings

    Step 2

    Assemble your Cart Corral & position where identified (architectural drawings)

    Step 3
    • Mark your holes
    • Double-check that you positioned correctly
    Step 4
    • Using a hammer drill, core the concrete at the marks noted in Step 3
    • Core a 3/8” hole, Depth is 3-1/2”
    Step 5
    • Position your wedge anchors tap and tighten in place
    • Cover connections with the Cover Plate already attached to the post.

    Test your Installation

    If you feel that the connection is too loose then tighten more.

    Sample of our installation (At Winners)

    Indoor Cart Corral